48% more likely to conceive with the FERTI·LILY

04th September 2023

A little help making a little miracle!

The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup has been clinically proven to give couples a 48%* higher chance of getting pregnant.

The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup helps couples to conceive at home. Made from soft medical-grade silicone, and free from hormones, it can be easily inserted after sex to push sperm closer to the cervix and increase the chances of conception.

The FERTI·LILY Cup is soft, comfortable, and easy to use. Inserted into the vagina after ejaculation, it pushes the semen toward the cervix.

The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup cradles the sperm in the protective environment of the cervical mucus. This way, more of the sperm cells survive and more of them swim up into the uterus. The more sperm cells that enter the uterus, the higher the chances that one of them will reach and penetrate the egg, increasing the odds of conceiving.

How a conception cup can help you to conceive:

  • Helps to conceive at home
  • Delivers more sperm to the cervix
  • Sperm spends less time exposed to the vagina
  • Natural, safe and hormone-free
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Re-usable for up to 6 cycles
  • 100% Medical silicone

How to Use

It is recommended that the FERTI·LILY Cup be inserted, positioned, and removed several times before intercourse until you’re familiar with insertion and removal.

After your partner has ejaculated inside you, and without sitting or standing up, pick up the cup.   Turn it inside out so that it looks like an umbrella. Hold it with the stem pointing towards your feet and there are two indents – on either side of the stem position your fingers inside the upturned cup.

Gently insert the upturned cup into your vagina until you reach the top of the vaginal canal and feel resistance. Hold the cup in place and at the same time gently pull on the stem to pop the FERTI·LILY Cup back into its original shape.

The FERTI·LILY Cup can be worn for 20 minutes up to a maximum of 1 hour. After intercourse you can urinate, shower, sleep, or go about your business without worrying about losing sperm.

Sperm consists of only 2-5% sperm cells, the rest is a combination of excess fluids including amino acids, enzymes, and fluids excreted by the male genitalia, therefore, it is quite normal for liquids to remain after removing the cup and nothing to worry about.

Watch our instructional video on how to use the FERTI·LILY.

In a clinical study involving 85 couples, those using the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup for 3 months were 1.5 times more likely to get pregnant. The FERTI·LILY Conception Gel can be used in combination with the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup to increase your chances of conception.

*Read the clinical studies here 

You may experience light cramping during the first use of the FERTI·LILY Cup. Do not use the FERTI·LILY Cup if you have a yeast or bacterial infection. Resume use once the infection has completely cleared. If you have used the FERTI·LILY Cup while you have had an infection, it is recommended that you replace your cup with a new one to ensure against repeat infection. This device is intended as an aid to conception and does not guarantee a pregnancy. If you experience any adverse effects, discontinue use and consult with your doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.