Help to get pregnant if you are struggling to conceive!

04th September 2023

Are you one of these couples who are struggling to conceive and wondering how you can increase your chances of getting pregnant?

After clinical studies with the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup, there is amazing scientific evidence of how the conception cup can aid fertility. The FERTI·LILY has been clinically tested and shown to improve the chances of conception by +48%!

Wondering what it’s all about and how to get pregnant using the FERTI·LILY? The reason the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup works, is that it is inserted into the vagina after ejaculation, pushing the semen towards the cervix, cradling the sperm in the protective environment of the cervical mucus.

This way, more of the sperm cells survive and can swim up into the uterus. The more sperm cells that enter the uterus, the higher the chances that one of them will reach and penetrate the egg, increasing the odds of conceiving.

Made of 100% medical silicone, the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup is soft, comfortable, and easy to use in your own home.

The FERTI·LILY is natural, safe, and hormone-free.

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