We believe that happy couples have happy babies. FERTILILY is designed to help increase the chances of getting pregnant without getting in the way of intimacy. No hormones, doctors, or invasive procedures. Easily used at home, it gives couples greater control over their fertility, so that trying for a baby remains one of the most intimate and exciting moments they can share.  FERTILILY has been developed in collaboration with European gynaecologists and fertility specialists.



The FERTILILY Conception Cup is soft, comfortable, and easy to use. Inserted into the vagina after ejaculation, it pushes the semen towards the cervix, cradling the sperm in the protective environment of the cervical mucus.

This way, more of the sperm cells survive and more of them swim up into the uterus. The more sperm cells that enter the uterus, the higher the chances that one of them will reach and penetrate the egg, increasing the odds of conceiving.

The FERTILILY Conception Gel is a hormone-free lubricant developed to help couples trying to conceive by providing lubrication while being friendly to sperm survival.

Clinical studies have shown that sperm can survive for longer than 24 hours while in contact with the FERTILILY Conception Gel. The FERTILILY Conception Gel is isotonic, has a PH friendly to sperm survival and mimics the properties of the fertile fluids.


“First time and to my big surprise all I needed!!!. I write this as I'm happy to say I'm over 3 months pregnant.” Gina37

How To Use

We would strongly recommend that you watch the short instructional video and practice inserting the FERTILILY Conception Cup before you wish to use it,  this is so you can get used to how it works before you get intimate.

How to Use

FERTILILY Conception Cup
After your partner has ejaculated inside you, and without sitting or standing up so that you don’t lose any sperm, pick up the cup and turn it inside out so that it looks like an umbrella.

Hold it with the stem pointing towards your feet and one finger inside the upturned cup. Gently insert the upturned cup into your vagina. Once it reaches the top of your vaginal canal, hold the cup in place, at the same time gently pull on the stem to pop the cup back into its original shape.

The FERTILILY can be worn for 20 minutes, up to a maximum of 1 hour.

Apply the lubricant to the outside of the vagina or to the shaft of the penis prior to intercourse. Squeeze a small amount of product onto your fingers and/or the palm of your hand and apply to the genital area. Vary amount to achieve desired lubrication.

Removing the Conception Cup

Get into a comfortable position, either standing up or sitting on the toilet, and gently push downwards with your pelvic floor muscles. Reach for the stem of the cup with your fingers and slowly pull on the stem until you feel the base of the cup at the opening of your vagina. With your fingers on the indents, pinch the cup at its base to fold it inwards and gently remove the cup.

Empty the contents into the toilet or sink, wash the cup thoroughly using warm water and store as directed.


“I got pregnant on the first go, and I really think this cup was the reason why!” Lana

FAQ’s – FERTILILY Conception Cup

The FERTILILY Conception Cup is a hormone-free conception aid, clinically proven to increase the chance of pregnancy by 48%. It is made of soft silicone, is easy to insert after intercourse and is designed to push the sperm towards the cervix. The more sperm cells reach the cervical mucus, where they are protected, the more of them survive for longer, increasing the chances of more sperm cells swimming into the uterus towards the egg.

This increases your chance of getting pregnant when you are trying for a baby 1.5x bigger to be exact.
By placing the sperm cells closer to the cervix after intercourse, conception cups can increase the amount of sperm cells that reach the cervix, decrease the distance sperm cells must swim to enter the cervix, and protect the sperm from the hostile pH of the vagina. Studies have shown that using a cervical cup after intercourse can increase the amount of sperm cells that swim into the cervical mucus by more than 300%.

FERTILILY has been clinically proven to increase the chances of conception by +48%, great news if you are trying to get pregnant!
If you are trying to conceive and have ovulation, the FERTILILY Conception Cup can help to achieve this in a natural and safe way. By using the cup during your fertile days, you increase your chances of getting pregnant by 1.5x.

FERTILILY is also clinically proven to increase the chances of pregnancy by 180% for couples who have been trying to conceive for more than a year. These couples have an average of > per cycle 11% of getting pregnant with FERTILILY, a similar result to treatments with hormones or IUI

If you have a stimulated cycle - for example, through using hormones - the FERTILILY may be a good option for you, as it increases the number of sperm cells that enter the cervix.

In case of reduced or slower swimming semen, the FERTILILY can also help to move more seeds into the protective environment of the cervical mucus. In the case of Azoospermia (no swimming seed), the FERTILILY cannot help in increasing the chance of conception.

If you are not ovulating, the FERTILILY cannot offer any help and we recommend that you contact your doctor. If you do not have a menstrual cycle, the FERTILILY alone will not be able to help and we recommend you discuss the issue with your healthcare practitioner
Have sex with your partner, without using any contraception. After he has ejaculated inside you, you can insert the cup by turning it inside out to look like an umbrella. With one/two fingers inside the upturned cup, gently push it into your vagina until it reaches the very top of your cervix. Once it is in place, gently tug the stem to pop the cup back the right way round. The sperm cells now remain in the cup, and you can do whatever you want. You no longer have to lie with your legs in the air, but can just walk around and do everything, go to the toilet, shower or just cuddle. After 20-60 minutes you can remove and clean the cup. After intercourse, the vagina is normally lubricated and stretched slightly to make it easy to insert the FERTILILY.

In our data we see that the biggest effect of sperm cells swimming into the cervical mucus takes place within 20 minutes, and after an hour there is not much benefit in keeping the cup in place when trying to get pregnant.
The conception cup needs to be at the top of the cervix, and you can feel with your finger if the cup is inserted correctly. Get used to the way the cup feels in both its original shape and as an ‘umbrella’ and try and practice and insert before you need it to ensure you know it is inserted correctly. There are two indents – one either side of the stem – that you can only feel when the cup is in its original shape. You can also make small adjustments to the position of cup using the stem.

86% of women found the product easy to use, and 9/10 found it comfortable to wear when trying to conceive.
The cervix is located at the top of the vagina. If you feel resistance (like pushing the tip of your nose), you're good.
The FERTILILY Conception Cup is available in one size and is suitable for all women regardless of height, weight, age, or anything else. The cup clamps between the walls of the vaginal canal upon insertion and opens at the opening of the cervix. The stem may just be sticking out of the vagina or just inside - this varies from person to person (the average length of a vagina is 9.6 centimetres). In any case, you can easily reach it to remove the cup. In a recent clinical study, 82% of women said the cup was the right size when using the FERTILILY to try for a baby.
No, you can still urinate or have a bowel movement with the FERTILILY Cup inside you.
We do not recommend sleeping with the cup still in. While the silicone is very safe, the cup is not intended to be kept in overnight.

In our data we see that the biggest effect of sperm cells swimming into the cervical mucus takes place within 20 minutes and after an hour there is not much benefit in keeping the cup in place when trying to conceive.
Whilst it is technically possible to have sex whilst wearing the cup, you may accidentally dislodge the cup and you will probably find the stem gets in the way. However, you can still enjoy non-penetrative sex. In fact, having an orgasm can help you to conceive, so if you’ve inserted the cup already but haven’t yet had an orgasm, it’s a good idea to try.
Absolutely! The FERTILILY Conception Cup is designed to fit with your lifestyle. It is comfortable to wear and does not get in the way of whatever you want to do next after sex. Once the cup is in, you can get up, take a shower, go to the toilet, or lie back on the couch.

9/10 women find the cup comfortable who are trying for a baby.
The FERTILILY Conception Cup can be re-used for up to six cycles, on the basis that you use the cup roughly three times per cycle (so up to 18 times). Any longer than this and the silicone may deteriorate, so replace the cup when you have completed your sixth cycle. Should you notice any signs of deterioration or damage to the silicone at any point, such as a tear, unusual odour, or discolouring, discard the cup and replace it. A cup in poor condition can cause irritation, break or may harm sperm which is not recommended when trying to get pregnant.
You can use the FERTILILY cup whenever you want and as often as you want. But it is worth noting that sperm quality is better every second day, and the fertile window is usually 5-6 days. Using the cup every other day during those six days will maximise your chances of getting pregnant.
If you know you have a proven allergy to silicone, you should not use this product, however most people are not allergic to silicone. The FERTILILY Conception Cup is made of medical grade silicone and has no effects on the body, it does not release chemicals or hormones. While some people are allergic to latex (the material condoms are usually made of), silicone is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
For slow or low sperm count the FERTI·LILY Cup can also help, as it brings as much sperm as possible into the protective environment of the cervical mucus, where more of them survive for longer.
After intercourse the vagina is generally well lubricated and also larger than normal, so usually it is not uncomfortable to remove the FERTILILY. If you are having trouble it can help to fold it up like a menstrual cup or squeeze it together via the notches on the cup, which makes the cup smaller for removal.
Yes, if you pull too hard on the stem, it could break.

When pulling on the stem avoid using excessive force as it can be uncomfortable, and the stem could break. If you do feel resistance, squat down so that your cervix is lowered. Relax, breathe in and slowly move the cup down a little at a time by gently pulling on the stem. The higher you hold the stem, the thicker and firmer the silicone is. This is also easier to remove the cup and prevent breakage or spillage. You can also insert your finger and slide it along the rim of the cup to release the vacuum if necessary, so you can easily remove the cup. Should you notice any signs of deterioration or damage to the silicone at any point, such as tear, discard the cup and replace it.
The vagina is not directly connected (internally) to any other part of the body, so the FERTILILY Conception Cup cannot get lost inside you. Used correctly, the cup is easy to insert and remove. It has an elasticated stem that helps you find the cup to pull it out, so it is highly unlikely that it will get stuck inside you.

When pulling on the stem to remove the FERTI·LILY cup, avoid using excessive force as it can be uncomfortable and the stem could break. Should you feel any resistance, try squatting down to help bring the cervix lower. Relax, breathe, and slowly inch the cup downwards bit by bit by gently tugging on the stem. The higher up the stem you hold, the thicker and sturdier the silicone, making it easier to remove the cup carefully to avoid any breakage or spillage. You can also insert your finger and pull the edge of the cup away to release the seal before edging the cup downwards.
Sperm consists of only 2-5% sperm cells. The rest is a combination of excess fluids including amino acids, enzymes and fluids excreted by the male genitalia therefore it is quite normal for liquids to remain after removing the cup and nothing to worry about. Without a cup, this gradually flows out, or, for example, when you go to the toilet. The liquids you find in the FERTILILY Conception Cup are exactly the same - they simply come together in one place and removed in one go.

Sperm contains the important sperm cells necessary for fertilisation and immediately after ejaculation, they will try to swim to the cervix. The FERTILILY Conception Cup gives the sperm a push and places them as close to the cervix as possible. Most sperm will reach the cervical mucus 20-60 minutes after insertion of the cup.

Although not all sperm will be pushed through the cup, it is also not the case that the sperm cells that have reached the cervix are pulled out again during the removal of the cup.
Firstly, don't panic! The cup is made of medical grade silicone that can stay in your body for up to 30 days (but don't do that). Menstrual cups are made of a similar material and are worn for up to 24 hours at a time. If you realise you have been wearing the cup for more than an hour, find a convenient time to remove the cup, rinse it, and wash and dry the cup as normal.
The FERTILILY Conception Cup is specially designed to increase the chances of conception when trying for a baby - from the soft and flexible material that the cup is made of, to the shape of the cup and the way it can be inserted.

Although the cups may look similar, a menstrual cup is designed for - and tested for - a completely different purpose. A menstrual cup sits just inside the vagina. It is simply meant to collect blood and prevent leakage. The FERTILILY Conception Cup performs the more active function of not only collecting sperm and preventing leakage but, by sitting deeper within the vagina, it brings the sperm closer to where it needs to go and protects it from the sperm-hostile environment of the vagina.

Menstrual cups are classified as sanitary products and do not need to undergo the same clinical and safety testing and may therefore also be of a different quality. The FERTILILY Conception Cup has been tested for safety and efficacy in assisting women to get pregnant and is registered as a Medical Device with the purpose of helping couples who are trying to conceive.
The FERTILILY Conception Cup must be cleaned after each use according to the cleaning instructions provided in the box. Before the first use, you must boil the cup in (drinkable) tap water. Do not add soap or detergent as this will break down the silicone. A FERTILILY Conception Cup that is properly cleaned can be used for up to six cycles.

FAQ’s – FERTILILY Conception Gel

Up to twice as many women trying to conceive experience vaginal dryness in comparison to women in the general population. This is because intercourse tends to be more planned when trying to conceive and so we’re not always in the mood. Using the FERTI·LILY Conception Gel while trying to conceive provides extra lubrication without negatively affecting sperm. It helps to keep the intercourse comfortable and fun, as it should be.
No. We recommend applying the FERTI·LILY Conception Gel straight to the labia and penis. The FERTI·LILY Conception Gel works the same with or without an applicator, and our customers agreed that using an applicator for a lubricant is a procedure that they would rather do without.
Absolutely! The FERTI·LILY Conception Gel can be used to make intercourse more pleasurable at the same time as the Conception Cup to help increase your chances of conception.
Most lubricants are not designed to be sperm friendly. They can include ingredients such as glycerine or preservatives that can negatively affect sperm count. Did you know that even saliva can significantly reduce sperm motility?
The FERTI·LILY Conception Gel has been put through testing according to FDA standards for products in contact with sperm. These tests show that the FERTI·LILY Conception Gel is sperm friendly (it does not harm or kill sperm). The tests also show that the FERTI·LILY Conception Gel does not create a barrier for sperm, so they can swim freely. Finally, it has been tested that the FERTI·LILY Conception Gel is safe for embryo development and does not affect the healthy development of an embryo.
No. The FERTI·LILY Conception Gel helps to increase the comfort and pleasure of intercourse without hurting sperm. While the fructose in the gel can help to provide an energy source for sperm, it does not increase the sperm quality or boost sperm cells that would normally not be strong enough. The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup helps optimize the amount of sperm presented to the cervix, but cannot improve sperm quality.
With Vaginismus or Vulvodynia it is often painful or uncomfortable to insert anything vaginally. The cup is very flexible and should be usable if a tampon can be used, but this remains very personal. The cup can be turned inside-out and then folded, like the C fold of a menstrual cup. That would make the size smaller for insertion. Similarly, during removal you can fold it up by pushing the indents together while removing the cup, but it does take some practice. Link for folds: https://www.periodnirvana.com/menstrual-cup-folds/